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You can sell our products to your customers (retail or online) and once your customers place order with you, you can place order with us and once order is placed you can send us an e-mail at info@rmfscrubs.com letting us know that order is drop ship and we have to ship it on your behalf and with neutral label meaning our label will not be on the garment against upcharge of 1% or minimum $1 per order or with your brand label against an charge of $2 per order only.

Please note that we are offering your Brand  label (No RMF label) on up charge of 2% of the order amount or $2 which ever is more and first time customer will have to pay buyer label set us fee $100 (for printed label) or $150 (for woven label) only.

For more information on Starting Your Own Business kindly visit https://www.rmfscrubs.com/Start-Your-Own-Business.html

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